#shoeporn #retros # dopekicks (at Oakland Museum of California)http://instagram.com/p/mHMMnULSDR/

#shoeporn #retros # dopekicks (at Oakland Museum of California)

retros shoeporn

Heavenly Beat at Neck of The Woods - San Francisco, CA @heavenlybeatny (at Neck of the Woods)

Dominant Legs - About My Girls
Real Estate - Talking Backwards (at The Independent)

at Beer Revolutionhttp://instagram.com/p/k8sE4QLSJg/

at Beer Revolution

All Classy Things (at The Kozy Kar)http://instagram.com/p/kbQl_UrSOM/

All Classy Things (at The Kozy Kar)

at The Kozy Karhttp://instagram.com/p/kbPaq4rSNE/

at The Kozy Kar

at Steinhart Aquarium

at California Academy of Scienceshttp://instagram.com/p/ka-5w2rSF9/

at California Academy of Sciences

👍 (at Grand Lake Theater)http://instagram.com/p/kRMnLmrSF4/

👍 (at Grand Lake Theater)

"House Party" hosted by @citybeerstore for San Francisco Beer Week #SFBW (at Bikram Yoga In The Mission)http://instagram.com/p/kMAB36rSKa/

"House Party" hosted by @citybeerstore for San Francisco Beer Week #SFBW (at Bikram Yoga In The Mission)


Currently reading… (at Boot & Shoe Service)http://instagram.com/p/kDRHHZLSDt/

Currently reading… (at Boot & Shoe Service)


On this day in music history: January 5, 1980 - “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 6 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 4 weeks on January 19, 1980. Written by Rod Temperton, it is the third solo chart topper for the R&B and pop music superstar. Released as the second single from Jackson’s hugely successful “Off The Wall” album, songwriter Rod Temperton will be asked by producer Quincy Jones in late 1978 to contribute songs to the project. Temperton had initially written “Rock With You” for his own band Heatwave, who are recording their third album “Hot Property”. When the bands’ lead singer Johnnie Wilder, Jr. tells Temperton he doesn’t like the song, the songwriter will give the song to Jackson and Jones as well as writing “Burn This Disco Out” and “Off The Wall” specifically for MJ. While Jones is back in Los Angeles cutting the basic tracks for the album, Jackson is on the road with his brothers, touring in support of their then current album “Destiny”. Jackson will fly back to L.A. on weekends or on other days off from the tour to record his vocals and monitor the sessions in progress. Michael will record his lead and background vocals on “Rock With You” in one six hour long session in early 1979. Before the song is released as a single in October of 1979, engineer Bruce Swedien will remix the track noticeably from the version that appears on the first pressing of the “Off The Wall” LP. The remixed version will feature a “punchier” mix with more prominent guitars, orchestration, and accented with handclaps in the chorus sections. The record will take off immediately at radio and on club dance floors around the world. An alternate remix of the track will surface in Japan as a very rare promotional only 12”, which to date has not been released to the public, but has circulated as a bootleg among fans. “Rock With You” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

at Tower Theater - Los Angeles


"We went to a real rocket museum with real rockets."


"We went to a real rocket museum with real rockets."

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The Emperor’s Cabinet Bar

Created by Colin Rhino